From the Field Autumn 2023

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Across eastern Africa, women face significant challenges in the agricultural sector. While providing the majority of labour, they often have to juggle household tasks with their farming ambitions, as well as obstacles such as limited access to land and training. With your support, we are able to provide solutions that open up opportunities for women.

In Kenya, the village-based advisor (VBA) model is bridging the gap between farmers and the resources they need.

Lilian is one of the smallholder farmers who became a trusted advisor and now supports farmers by teaching them about horticultural production and helping them connect with buyers.

Meet Lilian

“I enjoy being a VBA because I like teaching people how to take care of their crops... I feel good when I see other farmers benefitting from my services," Lilian shared.

With the dedication of individuals like Lilian, a brighter future opens up for smallholder farmers in Kenya.

“When we empower women, we empower a nation… I’m always with the younger women encouraging them, let’s do this, let’s do this.”

Photo by Lisa Murray

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Helena Lawi: Staff Spotlight

Helena is our featured staff member in this edition of From the Field. She joined Farm Africa’s team in Tanzania three years ago as our Gender and Youth Inclusion Officer, and since then she has been creating agricultural opportunities for women and young people. With a long-standing passion for empowering women, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Gender and Development and has six years of experience as a gender specialist.

Read her interview here

Buzzing new livelihoods in Ethiopia’s iconic Rift Valley

Ethiopia's Central Rift Valley is known for its stunning natural beauty, but economic struggles push the communities who live there to unsustainable practices such as cutting down trees for fuel production. 

Farm Africa is helping them thrive while protecting nature.

You can also learn about how in Tanzania’s Ikungi District Farm Africa is working with UN Women to make the sunflower industry fairer.

When women gain access to land, they gain income, and the whole community benefits. Positive transformations occur, such as improved diets, better shelter, and adequate clothing. That’s why we work across eastern Africa to empower female farmers to give them a fair stake in their farming businesses and in their lives.

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Top photo credit: Side_ent / Farm Africa

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