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Fundraise for farmers

Thank you so much for choosing to support Farm Africa USA, Inc.

The projects we support are helping farmers transform their families' lives. But our work isn't finished yet.

By fundraising for us, you could help more families across eastern Africa break free from the cycles of poverty in which they've been trapped.

Download our fundraising packet today and see just some of the ways you could help smallholder farmers take their first steps on the path to prosperity!

Download our fundraising resources:

Fundraising packet (PDF)
Posters (PDF)
Sponsorship form (PDF)

Click here if you'd prefer to make a donation yourself. Alternatively you can send a check to:

Farm Africa USA, Inc. 
c/o Chapel & York Ltd.
1000 N. West St.
Suite 1200
Delaware 19801

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team by email on - we'd be so happy to help you however we can!