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Healthy chickens produce a flock of success

Regina lives in southern Ethiopia with her daughter Shita and son, Abdilay. As one of the poorest families in her village, they were chosen to receive ten chickens from Farm Africa.

Rearing chickens bring valuable income

Regina has attended training sessions provided by Farm Africa and learnt all about how to care for her chickens, what to feed them and how to protect them from disease. "I knew nothing about chickens before this training. Before I received my chickens, I had my training. I then awaited their arrival eagerly!", Regina says.“I look after them properly. and none of my chickens have died or been eaten by wild animals." She has also been trained in money management and how to save for the future.

Before, Regina and her children used to eat cabbage and beans, now they can also eat eggs, which are high in protein giving them a healthy diet. Surplus eggs are sold at the market, creating much-needed income.

Passing on new skills

Regina is sharing her new chicken rearing knowledge with her neighbours. "I am now training my neighbours in how to manage their chickens. I am more than empowered now that I can support and advise others.”

She is feeling hopeful about the future and plans to buy some more livestock to increase her income even further. “I didn’t know how to trade before, now I do. I hope to trade small livestock like sheep and goats in the future”

A gift of $59 today could help teach another woman how to keep their chickens healthy, so they can turn their birds into a thriving business.