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Pastoralism is an essential part of African economies – 66% of Africa’s land is used to graze animals. Animals are generally a family’s most valuable asset, providing dairy products that they can sell, as well as food and power for the family’s plough. Many of Africa’s poorest farmers earn their livings by selling livestock and animal products.

While African farmers have been keeping livestock or thousands of years, it can be tough to make pastoralism profitable – farmers often struggle to access technical advice, veterinary care, or the markets where animals can be sold.

Farm Africa gives farmers the advice and products they need through training sessions, farming cooperatives and the establishment of a franchise of livestock service centers.

The stories we’ve gathered together below show what an impact these interventions can have on the lives of farming families. With your support, we can help even more livestock farmers build more prosperous futures.

Give a gift today and help more farmers turn their livestock into thriving businesses.