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Our work in Tanzania

In Tanzania, most people rely on small-scale farming in rural areas, but around 8% of the population suffer from insufficient food consumption.

In Tanzania’s large forests, people resort to selling timber products like firewood and charcoal to make money, causing deforestation and soil erosion.

Higher and more sustained agricultural growth is vital to reduce overall poverty in Tanzania. 

Farm Africa has been supporting farmers to become self-sufficient here since 1990. Our teams work with a variety of stakeholders, including smallholder farmers, women and SMEs focusing on oilseeds such as sesame and sunflower, poultry farming, horticulture and business development.

We help farmers in dry regions of Tanzania to build their resilience to climate change. We equip sorghum growers with the skills and resources they need to boost their productivity, incomes and access to profitable markets and consequently, improve their food security and nutrition.

Projects in Tanzania

Completed projects

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