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A new world record has been set driving from Norway to South Africa in aid of Farm Africa

17 May 2016

A new world record has been set driving from  Norway to South Africa in aid of Farm Africa

A new world record for driving from Europe’s most northerly tip in Norway to the southern tip of the African continent in South Africa was set on Monday 15 May  when The Longest Drive team finished the journey in just 8 days 21 hours and 3 minutes. The gruelling road challenge was done in aid of international development charity Farm Africa, which reduces poverty in eastern Africa by unleashing the ability of farmers to grow more, sell more and sell for more

The three-man team, made up of South African Shaun Neill, Danish Jan Kalmar and Lithuanian Vitoldas Milius, set off from North Cape in Norway and travelled over 17,750 kilometres to Cape Agulhas in South Africa. Driving in a Porsche Cayenne SUV, the team broke the standing record by an impressive seven hours and six minutes, set previously by another team which had also taken on the challenge to raise funds for Farm Africa.

The Longest Drive crew crossed 20 countries and encountered a range of difficulties including hazardous potholes, hectic border crossing and military check points. The punishing road conditions took their toll on the car, which suffered thee broken rims, four broken tyres, a broken shock absorber, broken windscreen and a bent suspension. The team also experienced complications after filling their engine with low quality gasoline, but the problem was soon solved after they managed to find better quality fuel down the road.

There was no time for rest stops and the team, who all have considerable experience behind the wheel, had to drive their car almost non-stop taking turns in six-hour shifts. To maintain a high level of safety, a second team member always stayed awake as an additional pair of eyes for the driver.

The Longest Drive crew member Jan Kalmar said, “The previous record time was good, so we had to avoid time-consuming mistakes. A big motivation for the team was that more people walked on the moon than those who managed to accomplish this non-stop journey of almost cosmic proportions. This is what kept us motivated to move forward during the whole journey”.

Facts and figures:

The Longest Drive record: eight days 21 hours and three minutes

Previous record: nine days four hours and nine minutes
Difference: seven hours and six minutes
Total distance: 17.475 km
Fuel consumed: 1949 l
Average consumption: 11.16 l/100 km
The car: Porsche Cayenne with unmodified V6 turbo diesel engine (245 BHP) and original drive train

Countries travelled through:






Czech Republic














South Africa

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Notes to Editor:

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About Farm Africa:

Farm Africa is a leading international development charity that reduces poverty by unleashing the ability of farmers across eastern Africa to grow more, sell more and sell for more. We apply practical approaches to development, providing inputs, tools and expertise to enable farmers to double or triple their yields. We also help them to become more resilient to the effects of climate change and to access markets so they can increase their income and build sustainable businesses. Farm Africa works with communities, the private sector and governments to make sure we’re finding the most effective ways to sustain natural resources, increase food production and help end Africa’s need for aid.

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