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Ukraine war and drought cause food shortages in East Africa

13 April 2022

Severe drought is plaguing farming communities in eastern Africa where acute water shortages, reduced food availability and livestock deaths have led to a hunger crisis. In addition to the already dangerous threats of the COVID-19 pandemic and conflict in northern Ethiopia further compounding the crisis, the region is now also feeling the impact of war in Ukraine.

Regional Commissioner launches tree planting initiative

10 March 2022

Dodoma Regional Commissioner Hon Anthony John Mtaka joined Farm Africa in launching a tree planting campaign as part of our work in partnership with the World Food Programme to help smallholder farmers adopt climate-smart agricultural practices.

Safe water returns to Benatsemay and Hammer districts

09 March 2022

Farm Africa has rehabilitated a number of water facilities in South Omo, Ethiopia as part of the Livestock for Livelihoods project, following the collapse of the local water system, which left hundreds of residents without water for three months.

IPCC climate report calls for urgent action on climate change mitigation and adaptation

02 March 2022

A new report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) outlines how human-induced climate change is leading to biodiversity loss, water shortages, reduced food production, loss of lives and reduced economic growth.

Farm Africa and SOS Sahel Ethiopia deliver forage support to drought-affected livestock in Oromia Region, Ethiopia

21 February 2022

Farm Africa and SOS Sahel Ethiopia, with funding secured from the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Ethiopia, have delivered emergency animal feed assistance to save livestock affected by drought in the Borena zone in the Oromia National Regional State of Ethiopia.