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Rural women's economic empowerment

Women in Chacole going through the savings they have collected as a group. Women in Chacole going through the savings they have collected as a group.

Women in rural Ethiopia have limited opportunities to earn money. They generally have fewer assets than men and have difficulty getting credit to set up small businesses.

Farm Africa sets up schemes to help women in remote areas manage their own savings and credit so they can fund their own enterprises.

We also offer business training and advice to build women’s confidence so they can go on to play a bigger role in making decisions for their household and community.

Increased incomes

  • Women use our training and their livestock as a basis for finding new ways to make money.
  • Village savings and loans groups let women manage their money in a simple way so they can set up businesses such as goat fattening, baking, coffee shops and small restaurants.
  • Women train as community-based legal advisers and advise others about their legal rights in family law, land and property rights, and criminal law.
  • Livestock breeding and goat fattening are becoming more profitable as Farm Africa-trained community animal health workers provide local, affordable access to essential veterinary care. Healthy goats are more valuable and produce more nutritious milk.

Who are we helping?

Our project is helping more than 15,000 rural women increase their household income and learn about how the legal system can protect them. With more money, families are also able to send their children to school.

Turn produce into profit Turn produce into profit

Help farmers in eastern Africa learn the skills they need to become successful businesswomen and men. 

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