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Kidan's story

Chickens provide food security and a source of income for Kidan Chickens provide food security and a source of income for Kidan

Making a living in Ethiopia’s rugged Tigray region is tough for any farming family. But for elderly widows like 60-year-old Kidan, growing enough to survive is a real struggle. Rearing chickens can offer these women, many of whom will soon be too frail to farm their land, a way to earn a living during their later years.

Relying on the help of others

Despite her age, Kidan worked hard on her farmland, but was still unable to earn enough from her crops to support herself.

"I only used the harvest to feed myself; I could not grow enough to sell as well. So, I weeded my neighbors' land for some extra money."

Unsure of how she could earn her living in the future, Kidan was eager to become involved in Farm Africa's chicken rearing project. At training sessions Kidan learned all about rearing chickens and how to keep her birds healthy.

Training that transforms a life

Kidan received 15 chickens from Farm Africa, together with enough chicken feed for the first few months. A trained expert visits regularly, and he helps her make sure that her birds are healthy. Kidan expects them to start producing eggs very soon – some of which she can sell, and others she can keep and hatch so that she can increase the size of her flock.

As her flock grows, Kidan will be able to earn more and enjoy a better quality of life. Additional income will mean that she can buy enough food, and medicines when she is sick. She’s already thinking of the future and what she would like to achieve.

“When I earn money, I hope to buy sheep and goats.”

By giving a gift of $120 you can help give another woman everything she needs to set up her own chicken business