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Expanding forest management in Ethiopia

Gerremew with his top bar beehives in Bonga Forest, Ethiopia. Gerremew with his top bar beehives in Bonga Forest, Ethiopia.

The rate of deforestation in Ethiopia is higher than anywhere else in Africa. Its vast natural forests are home to a wide range of plants, animals and birds. Although millions of people live in these abundant forests, poverty drives many to cut down trees to clear land for grazing and to sell as timber.

Forest conservation

Farm Africa has, for many years, been refining its forest management system. By working with forest communities and local authorities to develop sustainable plans for the forests, we give communities responsibility for protecting their forests. In return, they are allowed to make sustainable use of the forest’s resources.

This project helps the government extend the approach to other precious forest areas that has already proved successful  in the Bale Eco-region.

We are working with communities to:

  • develop income-generating enterprises from traditional activities like honey production, making bamboo furniture and raffia-weaving  
  • develop effective marketing skills and helping them to find the best markets for their products 
  • protect their habitat by showing them how to make stoves that use much less firewood
  • take long-term responsibility for their homes and futures by developing joint management plans for the forest with the government.

Who are we helping?

Millions of people across Ethiopia’s forests are supported by this project. We are also working with the government to find long-term ways to protect Ethiopia’s forests.

Who are we working with?

We are carrying out this work in partnership with local NGO SOS Sahel.