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Brewing a brighter future in Ethiopia

Abdela can now farm his coffee in a professional way Abdela can now farm his coffee in a professional way

Ethiopia is famous for its delicious and strong coffee. For most Ethiopian families coffee ceremonies form a key part of daily life.

There is an abundance of wild coffee growing in and around the forest in Ethiopia’s Bale Eco-region – which is also home to 65-year-old Abdela and his family. Coffee production is their main source of income, but despite huge international and local demand, it may be a surprise to learn that until recently he earned very little money selling coffee.

Unfortunately, Abdela didn’t have the know-how he needed to produce high-quality coffee that could be sold for a good price. He didn’t know the best time to harvest his beans, and he dried his coffee on bare soil in and around his home - resulting in low-quality coffee being produced. He wasn't aware of the small changes he could make to his coffee production process to turn his berries into a lucrative business.

High quality coffee can lead to a sustainable income

Farm Africa is working with Abdela, and many other famers in the region, teaching them professional coffee production skills. They have been given wire mesh to dry their coffee on, plastic sheeting to cover their harvest to stop moisture from damaging it, and hessian sacks to store their dried beans in to keep them in good condition.

As a result of this, Abdela is now producing much higher quality coffee. In fact, it is such good quality that it has been certified by the Rainforest Alliance, which increases the price that he fetches by another 50%. Practical training in coffee production from Farm Africa is helping Abdela earn a good income and make exciting plans for the future.

A £38 gift from you could provide enough wire mesh for a coffee drying bed, so farmers like Abdela can produce high-quality coffee and brew a reliable income.