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Coffee and empowerment

Munaja, a farmer and mother of five, has recently joined a coffee cooperative. She’s learnt a lot from her training, and is passionate about recruiting other women to the group.

Munaja’s always busy, taking care of her children, keeping her house in order and her livestock healthy, and producing butter and coffee for sale. During the coffee harvesting season, Munaja carries her coffee for 40 minutes from the fields to her house, and then on again to local villages to sell.  

“Life is not easy, and it’s harder in rural areas. You have to struggle, nothing is easy.”

But since Farm Africa arrived in the area, Munaja has received training on how to manage the quality of her coffee, which will help her to earn more from her crop. She’s already seen the benefits of the project and hopes that many more women will follow her example.

 “As women, we never used to be involved in these activities, so it’s good to have this opportunity now. I hope more and more women come and join these activities. If I hadn’t had my training I wouldn’t have the opportunities I have now.”

“I registered six new women last week. I told them what I have learnt, so they agreed to join and have paid their registration fee of 120 birr each.”

You could help a farmer like Munaja join a coffee cooperative for just £4 - what the average Londoner spends on their lunch. Give a gift today and help farmers and their families grow themselves brighter futures.

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