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Rosie’s Golden Cycle Ride

Rosie in Brighton, having completed the 50-mile cycle Rosie in Brighton, having completed the 50-mile cycle

This September, Rosie Rendall, a long-standing supporter and volunteer at Farm Africa, organised a 55-mile cycle ride to Brighton to celebrate her golden wedding anniversary and raise money to support our work.

Rosie took on the challenge with her family, and husband John took on the role of support car driver. This was not just a feat of fundraising, this was also a real physical challenge. Readying themselves for rain and road works, Rosie set off early in the morning:

“I woke up feeling excited but nervous – worried that I wouldn’t manage 50 miles or that the rest of the group would get fed up with me being so slow. Jamie and I met up with Angus and Edita in Esher and we cycled on together from there.
Despite quite a good weather forecast we had left home in a nasty drizzle which soon became steady rain, continuing for the first 15 or so miles. I was so wet that my shoes and socks were squelching and the rain had wet me to the skin!”

But copious coffee and cake at their first 20 mile stop helped to cheer them up. And at the 30 mile point they were met by Rosie’s husband John in the support car, ready to dispense gels and jelly babies.

Passing peacocks, pretty villages and pastoral scenes along the way Rosie and her friends reached Brighton Pier four hours and 55 miles later.

They were elated, intact, and even faster than their support cars!

“The problem was that our support cars had run into terrible traffic, road works and parking problems so the welcoming committee took longer than us!”

Finally, when they all eventually met up, the bikes were loaded into the car and Rosie and her friends recovered over a late lunch in a lovely country pub near Ditchling.

Farm Africa would like to say a huge thank you to Rosie, for overcoming her nerves and for raising such a large sum that will make such a difference to rural communities across eastern Africa. It’s a fantastic achievement.

“It was a great experience and for me a real challenge but I did it and now feel very proud and thrilled that I have not only proved I can cycle 55 miles but have also raised over £2.2k for Farm Africa. Thank you so much to everyone who supported me and Farm Africa and also to my family for organising the route, accompanying me, encouraging me and for supporting us on the day.”

Sarah Goddard, Farm Africa’s community fundraising manager, said:

“Rosie is an absolute superstar, and the amount she does to support Farm Africa never ceases to amaze us. To take on this challenge is a beautiful way of celebrating 50 years with her husband John, and we can’t thank her enough for raising such a phenomenal amount. Thank you and Happy Anniversary Rosie and John!”

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