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We hope we will fight hunger in our homes

Like many of their neighbors in Kabusinde village in Uganda, Joyce and her family depend on their small plot of land to sustain them.

Joyce tending her field of beansThe family’s main crops are peanuts, corn and green bananas. But plant diseases have decimated the peanut and banana crops, devastating the local area.

Disease-resistant crops

Farm Africa is working with farmers like Joyce to introduce crop varieties that can withstand outbreaks of plant disease.

We’re also teaching them farming techniques that make the most of limited water resources. Joyce said: “When we saw the help we would get we knew we would succeed. We hope we will fight hunger in our homes.”

Joyce is now growing the disease-resistant crop varieties. She has been selected as a local bean seed producer, thanks to her hard work and leadership.

Good-quality seeds

It means she'll provide a source of seeds to farmers’ groups so they have an affordable supply of good-quality seeds to use on their land.

Joyce said: “The project will help us a lot – it will provide incomes for families so that we can pay school costs. In the future we hope to become commercial farmers.”