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Forest management in Tanzania

Martin Erro with top-bar beehives provided by Farm Africa to make honey. Martin Erro with top-bar beehives provided by Farm Africa to make honey.

Thousands of people living in Tanzania’s Nou Forest are reliant on the forests around them to survive. But deforestation has become increasingly common as people chop down trees for timber, to sell as firewood, and to clear grazing land for their animals.

Our project in the Nou Forest links forest communities and district governments to form partnerships for more sustainable forest management.

Forest conservation

We help people identify ways to earn money from the forest while protecting its resources for future generations. For example, we are:

  • working with farmers’ groups to develop sustainable enterprises in mushroom farming, raffia weaving, beekeeping and tree nurseries, so farmers can earn a living without felling more trees
  • helping farmers form associations so they can sell their produce collectively and gain better prices for it
  • helping communities map the forest and its resources so they are better able to protect and conserve their habitat
  • using our experience from this project to design a model that can be applied beyond the Nou Forest, particularly through our membership of the Tanzania Natural Resources Forum, which shares knowledge across the country.

Who are we helping?

We are working directly with 23,000 forest dwellers across Babati and Mbulu districts in Manyara region.

Who are we working with?

This project is funded by the European Union. To implement this project we are working with the District Councils of Babati and Mbulu, the Forestry and Beekeeping Division of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, and the Tanzania Natural Resources Forum. To find out more about EuropeAid, please click here.

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