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It's time for a business approach to African agriculture

17 July 2017

It's time for a business approach to African agriculture. Making farming profitable can offer multiple benefits: livelihoods for young people, global food security and a higher quality of agricultural produce for consumers.

How much do we value agriculture?

27 February 2017

Across all societies, irrespective of wealth, culture and climate, farmers make a vital contribution to not just food security, but the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the greater population.

Why we need to invest in female farmers

17 October 2016

On International Rural Women's Day 2016, Farm Africa's Geoffrey Nyamota calls for the empowerment of female farmers. 

Why young people should help fight poverty

26 September 2016

17-year-old George Rosenfeld, who has been fundraising for Farm Africa at school, tells us why he believes young people have a duty to fight poverty.

Planting the seeds of success

04 August 2016

Farm Africa's Onesmus Mwangangi, a project officer in Kitui, Kenya, on how he's helping farmers access quality seeds for drought-tolerant crops.