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Footsteps for Farmers

This month, take Footsteps for Farmers.

Step 50km your way – run, walk, jog or even dance to help farming families to thrive and grow futures.

Right now, Farm Africa is training 50 groups of farmers across 50 demonstration plots in the highlands of Kenya. We are sharing our expertise on Regenerative Agriculture to increase production and farmers’ incomes and improve soil health and food security in the face of climate change.

Take on 50km, and help us reach more farmers to grow agriculture, protect the environment and develop businesses in rural areas of eastern Africa by taking Footsteps for Farmers.

Find a challenge to suit you and get your family, friends and colleagues involved too! It's free to sign up and if you raise £150 or more for Farm Africa, you'll receive a free Farm Africa t-shirt and tote bag in the post as a thank you for your support.

Take part in Footsteps for Farmers!


How to take part

1. Pick your challenge partner or team (you could choose to do your challenge with people locally or if they’re further away, you can split the kilometres up and step independently).

2. Create your fundraising page by clicking here so family, friends and colleagues can support you.

3. Begin your 50km Footsteps for Farmers challenge!

4. Share photos and use the hashtag #TeamFarmAfrica.

5. Put your feet up and wait for the postman to drop off your t-shirt!*

*Raise £150 and above and you'll be rewarded with a Farm Africa t-shirt and bag!


How to step it up

You can step 50km however you like - here are a few ideas:

  • Get fit and commit yourself to smaller runs or walks to meet a total of 50km across the whole month.
  • Organise a group trail across the countryside to reach a collective 50km together.
  • Create a relay with family, friends or colleagues to make a it a competitive challenge (for example, 20 people running 2.5km each).
  • Stage a series of danceathons with your community ensuring you've stepped over 50km collectively (approximately 65,000 steps!).

The possibilities are endless and we hope whatever you do will make you feel amazing!


Our support

When you join #TeamFarmAfrica, you’ll receive:

  • A bespoke fundraising QR code to share on posters and flyers (it's your digital charity bucket!)
  • Fundraising support and advice
  • Access to a range of fundraising materials – including sponsor forms, collection tins, social media images and more
  • A Farm Africa t-shirt, tote bag and biodegradable, plastic free seed pods when you raise £150 and above. 


What is Regenerative Agriculture?

The climate crisis is accelerating in eastern Africa, and farming communities have to adapt quickly to climate shocks and unpredictable weather patterns. Regenerative agriculture is more important than ever as it involves farming practices that rejuvenate soil health; therefore improving the land, not destroying or depleting it.

Learn more about Farm Africa's Regenerative Agriculture project in Kenya.



Keeping safe

As you take part in Footsteps for Farmers, please remember to follow the latest government advice and guidelines on social distancing.

A reasonable level of fitness may be required. If you have any medical conditions that could be adversely affected by exercise or if you are in any doubt about your health, please seek advice from your doctor before taking part.


What your fundraising could do

£50 is enough to print training materials for one group of farmers (that's 200 people!).

£90 could help provide a demonstration on regenerative agricultural technologies to farmers.

£200 could help rehabilitate 50 hectares of degraded lands through integrated watershed management.


Set up your fundraiser today and let's take Footsteps for Farmers, together.

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