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Thriving fishponds, thriving communities

Farm Africa has seen that aquaculture (fish farming) can lead to reliable incomes, as well as providing Kenya’s growing population with an affordable and sustainable source of protein.

That’s why we are working with 1,072 fish farmers across 14 counties in Kenya, helping them seize this potential and transform their fishponds into thriving businesses.

But it isn’t just the farm owners who are benefitting. Emmanuel is one of over 2,000 workers who are employed by the fish farms Farm Africa is supporting.

“We have six major fishponds ranging from 30 x 60 metres upwards. We stock mainly tilapia and catfish. Right now, pond 1 and pond 2 each has 5,000 tilapia. We have just finished harvesting in the other ponds.

Thanks to Farm Africa we have received lots of technical support and advice on which companies to get the best feeds from. This has enabled us to thrive. They support us a lot.”

Farm Africa provides practical training and business support to help fish farmers improve their production and marketing of fish. And it doesn’t stop there.

We are also working with suppliers to ensure fish farms can access high-quality fingerlings (baby fish), fish feed and other inputs needed for them to achieve success.

And successful farms mean more jobs and more opportunities for people like Emmanuel – giving whole communities the chance to benefit from the aquaculture industry.

This project is helping a lot of people here. We are supporting livelihoods. So many people have gone to school because of this farm


Help farmers achieve the success they deserve Help farmers achieve the success they deserve

Your support helps farmers in eastern Africa to grow more prosperous futures for their families.



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