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Major donations

Feed a community, a country, a continent – for good.

We believe there is a different picture to the one we so frequently see on our television screens of hungry people relying on aid handouts. It is a picture of a farmer, growing enough food for today and for tomorrow, and confident in next year’s harvest. Our vision is to change these from rare examples of individual success to the norm – to create a resilient rural Africa where people and the environment thrive.

Agriculture will be at the heart of economic development in Africa. A “Green Revolution” that prioritises the needs of small-scale farmers, and safeguards natural resources, will help bring rural prosperity to Africa and break the vicious cycle of hunger and poverty.

By 2025 we have set ourselves the target of delivering nature-positive projects that increase the agricultural expertise, productivity and incomes of one million smallholder farmers and agro-pastoralists per year. 

Major donor philanthropists are fundamental to Farm Africa achieving our vision. By investing in Farm Africa you will be partnering with an organisation bringing real change at scale – ensuring that farmers have the right tools, techniques, and access to markets – ending Africa’s reliance on food aid, for good. 

Why invest in Farm Africa?

By investing in Farm Africa, you will play a personal and pivotal role in changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of farming families in eastern Africa.

  • As a medium-size organisation, Farm Africa is big enough to make a genuine impact across eastern Africa, yet flexible enough to create tailored partnerships that respond to your individual areas of interest.
  • We warmly welcome the opportunity of a genuine dialogue and, as a key supporter, you will be encouraged to visit our programmes to meet our expert project staff and the farming communities we work with.
  • You will also have the chance to meet our senior UK-based staff, and review the impact of your financial investment through regular reports and face-to-face meetings.
  • Our high-profile supporters host regular private dinners, offering the chance to meet fellow supporters with discussions on the current economic and social factors facing Farm Africa and the countries where we operate.
  • Greater understanding of our work means that you can play a more effective role for the organisation, both in terms of organisational insight and external ambassadorial support.

Farm Africa welcomes the opportunity to meet in person to discuss your potential interest in supporting our ambitious programme to bring about transformational change in Africa.

We believe Africa has the power to feed itself. Let’s make it happen.


I feel very proud indeed to be a supporter of Farm Africa. It’s wonderful to see money being put to good use and lives being changed in East Africa – an area I am particularly interested in, having personal ties to  Kenya.

I've helped harvest vegetables on small Kenyan shambas and know what hard work it is - often for such little reward. I can imagine the impact on rural people's lives of increasing crop yields. Thanks again for all your hard work!

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