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Small seeds go a long way in northern Uganda

03 December 2019

Small seeds go a long way in northern Uganda

In Lira, northern Uganda, too many farmers are struggling to afford basic necessities like food, healthcare and even a safe home for their children. But change is around the corner, and it can start with a small seed.

Farm Africa's latest video explores what chillies mean to the farmers whose lives are being transformed by this amazing crop.

Farmers in Lira have been growing chillies for many years, a variety called African bird’s eye. However, a decline in the quality of available seeds has driven down the quality of chillies being produced and with it the price and interest from buyers.

Yet, the global chilli market is actually thriving! From every corner of the world, the demand for African bird’s eye chillies has gone through the roof.

With your support, Farm Africa’s Chilli project will help 3,000 farmers improve the quality of their chillies so they can sell their produce at a much higher price, earn a decent income, and create a better future for their families.

Donate Chilli Appeal Donate Chilli Appeal

A donation from you could help provide farmers with high-quality chilli seeds, which can grow into profitable businesses, creating brighter futures for entire families.


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