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Celebrating small-scale farmers this World Food Day

12 October 2023

Celebrating small-scale farmers this World Food Day

In Africa, there are an estimated 33 million small-scale farms, producing around 70% of Africa's food supply¹. Despite this, people in rural areas account for 90% of people living in poverty in sub-Saharan Africa².

Limited access to training, seeds, finance and markets plus the changing climate and extreme weather events are just some of the challenges smallholder farmers face.

But if we invest in rural people and their food systems, agriculture has the power to reduce poverty. In fact, according to the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), growth from agriculture can be up to 11 times more effective at reducing extreme poverty than any other sector.

On World Food Day, 16 October, Farm Africa is proud to celebrate farmers and rural food producers we support. Scroll through our photo gallery to meet some of our food heroes across eastern Africa.

You can join forces with Farm Africa this World Food Day and show your support for farmers across eastern Africa with our World Food Day social media graphics. Download the graphics below and post them across your social media channels to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable agriculture this World Food Day.


Download social media graphic one            Download social media graphic two

World Food Day social media graphic farmer         World Food Day social media graphic Kenyan farmer

Download social media graphic three         Download social media graphic four

If you’d like to get your company involved, there are lots of meaningful things you can do too. From foodie fundraisers to office awareness drives, every action you and your colleagues take will help farmers build sustainable rural communities for generations to come. Find out more and get involved here.



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