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Transforming lives with high-quality seeds

13 December 2023

With support from Irish Aid, Farm Africa and the World Food Programme, are stepping in to train farmers in the Dodoma region of Tanzania how to produce, process and sell Quality Declared Seeds, leading to healthy harvests and a boost in food security.

Why a food-secure future means focusing on smallholder farmers

20 November 2023

To yield the increased food security the world’s growing population so desperately needs in the face of climate change, it’s vital that support is focused on smallholder farmers, the people producing the majority of the food in the developing world, writes Farm Africa Chief Executive Dan Collison. 

Celebrating small-scale farmers this World Food Day

12 October 2023

On World Food Day, 16 October, Farm Africa is proud to celebrate farmers and rural food producers we support. Scroll through our photo gallery to meet some of our food heroes across eastern Africa.

Conservation lessons from the Serengeti

27 September 2023

On a trip to Tanzania, Farm Africa's Technical Manager for Agriculture and Natural Resource Management, Nura Aman, discovered insights on how to make conservation successful from specialists from the Serengeti. Read Nura's blog to discover how he plans to use these lessons to inform Farm Africa's work in Ethiopia's Bale Eco-region.

Value added snax… Tanzanian sorghum growers' new take on popcorn

18 September 2023

With support from Farm Africa, the Mwagnaza women's group in Dodoma, Tanzania, has developed a range of sorghum-based snacks that they sell in the market and around neighbouring villages. This includes “popsorghum” (imagine popcorn but made from sorghum), as well as very fine biscuits made from sorghum flour – like a nutty shortbread.

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