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Michael Palin presents BBC Radio 4 Appeal for Farm Africa

06 October 2017

Michael Palin presents BBC Radio 4 Appeal for Farm Africa

On Sunday 15 October BBC Radio 4 will broadcast an appeal for Farm Africa presented by our patron Michael Palin.

The appeal will be broadcast at 7.55am and 9.26pm on Sunday 15 October, and will be repeated at 3.27pm on Thursday 19 October, or you can listen online at

Michael Palin commented:

"I’ve supported Farm Africa for 20 years now, and what I liked then and what I still like now is that Farm Africa do not impose solutions on people.

“They consult with local people, talk to local people, and respect traditional methods of farming. They help people help themselves by finding a more efficient way to produce what they are already producing. It’s a way of really encouraging them to do what they already do very well, but better.

"I know this from personal experience because I was in Ethiopia myself to see the work they were doing. I shall continue supporting Farm Africa and I hope you will too.”

You can listen to the appeal live online at or by tuning into Radio 4 on digital radio, FM Radio (FM 92 – 95 FM, 103-105 FM) or on channel 704 on Freeview. 

Listen to Michael Palin explaining why he supports Farm Africa.

Donations will go towards Farm Africa's Growing Futures appeal. Gifts from individuals based in the UK will be doubled by the Government through UK Aid Match between 14 October 2017 and 14 January 2018.

Farm Africa is an innovative charity that focuses on transforming agriculture and managing natural resources sustainably. We champion a holistic approach that boosts yields, protects the environment and connects smallholder farmers to thriving markets.

Find out more our work by watching this video narrated by Michael Palin: