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Dig for Good triumphs with bumper fish harvest

27 June 2014

Dig for Good triumphs with bumper fish harvest

Last year’s Dig for Good challenge saw a team of women leaders from the UK’s food industry working shoulder to shoulder with the Afula Women’s Group to dig a huge fish pond in just three days.

The work was backbreaking, requiring an enormous area to be cleared of wet, heavy mud under a blazing African sun.

But thanks to the women’s incredible hard work, energy and enthusiasm the pond was successfully dug, and the Afula women were able to get on with stocking the pond.

And the great news is that, one year on from the pond’s completion, the women’s hard work has paid off, quite literally.

Bumper harvest, lasting legacy

The pond they dug has recently been harvested. A whopping 238 kilograms of healthy, nutritious tilapia fish was netted, providing an invaluable source of much needed white protein for the women and their families.

Even better, much of the fish was sold at market, fetching excellent prices. The Afula women have lost no time in investing the money straight back into their fish farming business by re-stocking another three fish ponds.

The trebling of the size of their fish farming business in just one year represents an incredible success for the Afula women and shows their confidence in the long-term viability of their business. It also demonstrates a powerful legacy for positive change left on the ground by Dig for Good, one of the challenges that has helped raise so much money for Food for Good.

Food for Good: helping tackle hunger – for good

Food for Good is a fundraising campaign set up by the UK’s food and hospitality sectors to support Farm Africa in its work to tackle hunger in Africa – for good.

Please visit our Dig for Good page where you can find much more on Dig for Good and the Food for Good, including information on how you can get involved.

You’ll also find a short video with footage from the dig and the harvest as well as an interview with Judith Batchelar who led Dig for Good.