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Learning Swahili on Kilimanjaro

30 September 2012

The Kilimanjaro Challenge Team has continued to make excellent progress on day 3 of its ascent to the summit of Africa's tallest mountain, Kilimanjaro.

Everyone is relieved that the weather so far has been kind and the views and scenery are stunning.

Some very juicy passion fruit kept the climbers in good spirits this morning and conversation among the climbers appears to have moved on from Martin Haworth's 'lethal' pole technique to attempts to learn Swahili from the guides.

Andy Jones is the first to have started missing some of the creature comforts of home, commenting that he is seriously thinking of applying to the Britain's Got Talent Show to demonstrate how he's mastered the art of washing with just half a bowl of water while enveloped in a cloud of volanic ash!

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About the Kilimanjaro Challenge and the NFU's Africa 100 Appeal

The Kilimanjaro Challenge is part of the NFU’s Africa 100 Appeal.

The appeal is reaching out across the food and farming industry to raise money for Farm Africa.

Previous donations raised by the 2008 Appeal amounted to a massive £220,000 and saw the launch of the Cassava Project, reinstating a traditional tuber crop and re-educating farmers and their families about its multiple uses to build food security.

Find out more about the Africa 100 Appeal’s work with Farm Africa to date.