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Harvest fundraising

Farming doesn’t just provide food, but income and prosperity. Good agriculture can change lives. This harvest, by coming together to raise money for Farm Africa you and your congregation could help families in rural Africa thrive.

Whether you choose to have a Farm Africa collection during your harvest service, hold a socially distanced harvest lunch or even organise a sponsored walk (those of you who know our famous welly walks will understand!), every pound you raise will help farmers like Ben and Ruth to transform their lives.

Ben and Ruth live in Kanungu, western Uganda, with their three children. They rely on coffee farming to provide for their young family, but when the dry seasons come, putting food on the table can be a struggle. With Farm Africa’s support, they are learning how to improve the quality of their coffee and increase their yields, so they can thrive all year round.

With an increased income, families like Ben and Ruth's can save money to tide them over during dry seasons, as well as invest in other farming activities throughout the year. What’s more, profitable coffee farming encourages communities to preserve their forests, ensuring that natural resources are protected for future generations!

This harvest, you can join families like Ben and Ruth's in the fight against hunger and poverty by fundraising at your church. To help you, we’ve developed a range of fundraising materials and ideas for your Harvest service.

Don’t forget to tell us about your fundraising plans so we can offer you help and advice. 

If you have any further questions about fundraising for Farm Africa, or to order your Gift Aid envelopes, please contact us on or 020 7430 0440.