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Harvest fundraising

For many farmers in rural Africa, harvest can be a time of meagre or non-existent crops and fear for what the future may hold. There are thousands of families across rural eastern Africa who urgently need your help to ensure they can feed and provide for their families.

You can help families in Africa give hunger the boot by organising some welly-themed fundraising with your church this harvest.

Whether you choose to have a Farm Africa collection during your harvest service (perhaps in a welly boot?), hold a harvest lunch or even organise a welly walk, every pound you raise will help farmers like David start growing drought-tolerant crops such as sorghum and green grams.

David is both the Pastor at the Deliverance Church, and a farmer. He lives with his family in Kitui, Kenya where drought is common. Before working with Farm Africa, the fragile crops of maize he planted did not survive when the rains failed. This Harvest you can help change lives.

To help you celebrate this Harvest, we’ve developed a range of fundraising materials and ideas for your Harvest service. 

Don’t forget to tell us about your fundraising plans so we can offer you help and advice. If you send us photos of your harvest fundraising, you might even see your church appear in our fundraisers hall of fame.

If you have any further questions about fundraising for Farm Africa, or to order your Gift Aid envelopes and DVD, please contact us on or 020 7430 0440.

David's story

David's story

David is a Pastor and farmer from Kitui, Kenya. Thanks to Farm Africa supporters he can look forward to a brighter future.

Find out how your fundraising can change lives this Harvest.

Read David's story