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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Farm Africa?

Farm Africa is a different kind of charity working to bring prosperity to rural Africa. We believe Africa has the power to feed itself.

Working shoulder to shoulder with farmers in eastern Africa, we help the best farming and forestry techniques take root and spread so that farmers have more food to feed their families and sell.

We help smallholders in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to manage their natural resources sustainably, meaning they are better able to withstand climate change challenges, and ensure there’s food not just this harvest, but every harvest. We were established in Kenya in 1985.

We are a registered charity in the UK (Registered Charity Number 326901) and a registered company (Registered Company Number 01926828).

Where does Farm Africa work?

Farm Africa currently works in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. We have also worked in South Sudan but unfortunately, due to ongoing conflict and instability, we are currently unable to operate there. We continue to review this situation and hope to return to providing small-scale farmers with the support they need to farm the land effectively, when the security situation makes this feasible.

Why doesn't Farm Africa work in more countries?

We have to carefully manage our resources and expansion outside the four core countries we work in is not part of our strategy. Farm Africa acknowledges the need to alleviate hardship among farmers in other African countries, but we cannot respond to individual requests to undertake work in other locations.

How is Farm Africa funded?

Farm Africa receives funding from a variety of donors. Sources of its charitable income include:

  • Institutional donors; such as the UK Government’s Department for International Development, the European Union and the Big Lottery Fund
  • Direct marketing appeals, ethical giving and legacies
  • Foundations and companies based in the UK, Europe, the USA and in Africa
  • Committed giving (individuals who give via direct debit or standing order on a regular basis)
  • Community fundraising
  • Other income sources. This includes merchandise sales such as e-cards

How does Farm Africa spend its money?

In 2015, we raised £12.1 million and spent £12.7 million, of which 85% was spent on charitable activities. The remaining 12% was spent on generating funds. Farm Africa is committed to ensuring that we use our funds wisely and get the maximum impact for every pound we spend. We apply a value for money framework to manage the main identified cost drivers carefully.

What is Farm Africa's approach to GM crops and seeds?

Through our project work, we give farmers access to seeds that have been made drought-resistant through selective local seed multiplication. We do not supply seeds where genetic modification techniques have been used. Instead we use traditional plant breeding techniques in partnership with local seed institutions and the farmers we work with.

Initially, plant species which are inherently more drought-resistant are selected. Then varieties with favourable properties for soil conservation, productivity and climate resilience are cross-bred to produce better quality seeds. We also promote seeds and support seed farmers to build systems so seeds can be harvested and re-used. 

At the heart of our work is our belief in Africa’s farmers’ abilities to feed Africa’s people and our work spans providing seeds, tools, sharing expertise and building market linkages to enable farmers to grow more and sell more.

What will Farm Africa do with my contact details?

You can be assured that we do not sell our donors’ details to other organisations.

When you provide your details we store them securely on our database. We only use these details to contact you about your giving, Farm Africa’s work and how you can support us, unless you ask us not to.  You can get in touch with our Supporter Services Team at any time to let us know when and how you would like us to contact you or if you would like to be removed from our mailing list by emailing them on: More information about data protection can be found here.

Can't find the answer to your question?

If you haven't found the answer to any of your questions here please contact the Supporter Services Team here or phone us on +44(0) 20 7430 0440 and we'll be happy to help you (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm).

Unsatisfied or would like to complain?

Farm Africa strives to provide the best service possible to anyone who comes in contact with the organisation. We always value any feedback from our supporters, in the form of comments, suggestions or complaints. All such feedback is recorded and reviewed regularly and we endeavour to learn from feedback and to address any issues raised fairly and efficiently.

We are a member of the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB), and is committed to best practice in fundraising. As such, we aim to adhere to the Codes of Fundraising Practice, as established by the Institute of Fundraising.

Where your concerns relate to fundraising, you should initially contact our complaints co-ordinator, Kate Prowse, via the contact details provided in the document below. Once we have received your complaint, you will receive an initial acknowledgement within two working days, and we will aim to make an initial response (after investigation) within five working days.

Read our full complaints procedure (PDF)