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Rangeland management

Ethiopia's rangelands have huge untapped potential. Ethiopia's rangelands have huge untapped potential.

Pastoralists rely on breeding and selling livestock to earn a living. In Ethiopia, they live in the dry, low rangelands that cover most of the country.

Drought and overgrazing

The rangelands have huge untapped potential, for example to grow high-value gums or through renewable energy. But drought, unsuitable farming practices and overgrazing have left the land in poor condition.

Farm Africa is working on a number of projects to:

  • identify better ways to manage the rangelands’ natural resources
  • train local communities to plan how they and their herds can access water, food and markets.
  • build partnerships between pastoralist communities and the Ethiopian government to guarantee their right to use the land sustainably. These links will support pastoralists now and establish more effective long-term joint management of the rangelands.

These innovative projects, include SHARE in Ethiopia where we are leading on the participatory rangeland management component and  BRACED, where we are working with pastoralist communities, looking at various ways to increase their resilience.

Who are we helping?

SHARE will benefit an estimated 878,000 people living locally as well as up to 12 million people further downstream. The global community will also benefit from climate change mitigation and the conservation of biodiversity

BRACED meanwhile, will directly benefit an estimated 339,140 people, with a particular focus to improve the economic participation and independence of women.