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Farm Africa Impact Report 2017

Farm Africa reached 2.6 million people, more than ever before, in 2017. But that's only half the equation. We're equally proud that we helped local communities sustainably manage 980,000 hectares of forests and rangelands. 

There is an inherent and inescapable tension between agriculture and environmental conservation. People living in rural areas need to grow food to eat and earn an income. But crop and livestock farming are resource-hungry and can have a devastating impact on the environment, which in turn drives down agricultural yields.

Developing innovative solutions to finding the right balance between producing food and conserving the environment is at the heart of Farm Africa's work.

At Farm Africa, we measure our impact in terms of producers' increased agricultural yields, higher incomes and stronger links to market, but also in terms of sustainable management of land, water and soils. 

We hope you enjoy reading the report and finding out more about the impact of our work in 2017.

Download our Annual Impact Report 2017 (PDF 2.89MB)

Download our Annual Review and Consolidated Financial Statements 2017 (PDF 1.2MB)

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