Coffee is life

The simple but lucrative coffee bean is a coveted crop the world over. Yet many coffee farmers in eastern Africa are unable to benefit much from it, with many earning less than a dollar a day.


Despite coffee’s profit-making potential, many coffee farmers struggle to make ends meet as they lack the tools, training and bargaining power needed to grow enough coffee and sell it for a fair price.

Women suffer the most. Women lack access to the land, coffee trees and finance needed to earn a living from coffee farming, and are under-represented within coffee cooperatives, which help link coffee farmers to more profitable markets.


Farm Africa provides farmers with training in improving coffee quality, productivity, business practices and market integration to help farmers lift themselves out of poverty and protect the forests around them.

We work to empower women in this traditionally male dominated industry. We train by doing, with a two-way discussion that encourages farmers to share their knowledge so whole communities learn new techniques.

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Mengiste, Oromia, Ethiopia

"Coffee is our life. It’s our health, it’s our food, it’s our clothing, and it’s education for our children. Coffee is everything."

Patience, Kanungu, Uganda

“Farm Africa taught us good methods of farming. Now, my family is able to cater for the school fees using our improved income.”

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