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Our work with livestock

Pastoralism is a vital part of the African economy - 66% of Africa’s land is used to graze animals. Animals are generally a family’s most valuable asset, providing dairy products to sell, pulling power for farm ploughs and transport for the family. Many of the continent’s poorest farmers earn their livings by selling livestock and animal products.

Yet while this is very traditional way of life, there are also new opportunities for farmers to make money. But livestock farmers face huge challenges in taking advantage of these opportunities – they have no technical advice, limited access to markets and lack the high quality feed and vaccines needed to keep their animals healthy.

Farm Africa gives farmers the advice and the products they need through training sessions, farming cooperatives and supporting Community Animal Health Workers. Because when they have the right support, pastoralists can increase their incomes and work their way out of poverty.

We’ve put together a few inspiring stories from livestock farmers who have turned their animals into thriving businesses, and whose lives have been transformed. With your support, we can help even more livestock farmers build a more prosperous future.

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