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In western Kenya, almost 60% of households depend on fish as a source of food or income.

Lake Victoria is the largest of Africa’s Great Lakes and provides over 90% of Kenya’s total fish supplies. But wild fish stocks in this and other lakes are dwindling, mainly due to overfishing and pollution. 

Fish farming

In response to falling fish stocks, the Kenyan government is promoting aquaculture and small-scale fish farming from hand-dug fish ponds.


Farm Africa is at the forefront of promoting aquaculture. Our unique aqua shops are one-stop hubs that provide fish feed, manure and technical advice for some 1,000 smallholders interested in setting up their own fish farming businesses.

The aqua shops offer fish farmers ideas and opportunities for marketing, such as the chance to join a farmers’ co-operative with the size to supply large markets such as schools or hospitals.

We provide strong backing and stimulus for this new industry, which offers a sustainable protein source for hungry people and a sustainable business that benefits the environment.

Our fisheries work

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