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Our policies

Farm Africa’s mission is to drive agricultural and environmental change to improve lives. It is vital that these aims are delivered through integrity, this means being honest and transparent in what we do and say, and accepting responsibility for our individual and collective actions.

Farm Africa is an organisation that acts with integrity, honesty and openness. It is expected that those working for, and representing Farm Africa shall also do the same.


Farm Africa is committed to safeguarding the welfare of children and vulnerable adults and protecting them from abuse.

We recognise that the adults we typically work with wouldn’t normally be considered as vulnerable, however, the impact of the poverty they experience may place us as an organisation, and our staff in position of influence and authority that could be open to abuse.

Our policy and Code of conduct applies to all staff, including senior managers, volunteers, consultants, agency workers, trustees, partners and anyone working on behalf of Farm Africa. It outlines procedures so everyone knows how to stop abuse and what actions to take in order to prevent it.

Read our Safeguarding vulnerable people policy

Code of conduct

Farm Africa’s Code of conduct sets the standard of conduct we expect of all our staff. It outlines the behaviours and attitudes that the people we work with, other staff, our trustees, our partners, our donors and all other stakeholders rightly expect of us.

Read our Code of conduct


Our Whistleblowing policy provides a supportive process that encourages and enables employees or workers to raise concerns about malpractice within Farm Africa without repercussions, giving them the confidence that their concerns will be properly investigated and resolved in a timely manner.

Read our Whistleblowing policy


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