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Aqua shops

Fish ponds belonging to Evelyn Nagemi in Samia district, Kenya. Fish ponds belonging to Evelyn Nagemi in Samia district, Kenya.

Sixty per cent of households in western Kenya are dependent on fish as a source of protein. But overfishing in Lake Victoria has depleted fish stocks and led to price rises.

The Kenyan government has responded by building fish ponds and promoting fish farming.

Farm Africa is supporting the government’s policy by establishing a network of aqua shops, which are an invaluable source of quality support and training for Kenya’s new fish farmers. Read our practical guide to Aqua shops


The shops:

  • provide farmers with fish feed and manure, as well as technical aquaculture advice so they can set up and manage their own ponds
  • provide farmers with training on marketing and selling their produce
  • use knowledge gained from the project to develop a franchising model, which, if it works, can be used throughout Kenya and across eastern Africa

Who are we supporting?

We are working with community entrepreneurs to sharpen their technical and business skills, and identify aquaculture business opportunities.

So far 12 aqua shops, supporting more than 4,000 farmers, have been set up.

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