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Trainer's guide for Production, Harvest, Post-Harvest Handling and Value Addition for Moringa in Tanzania

This guide provides technical knowledge of farming, processing and marketing of Moringa olifera.

PDF - 571kb

Youth-Led Development of Tanzania's Moringa Value Chain Project in Iringa and Mbeya regions

Mapping and assessment report of the Moringa value chain in Tanzania. 

PDF - 1119kb

Farmers Record Keeping Booklet

This is a record keeping manual designed to help farmers better manage their fish ponds. The manual is supported by Farm Africa for the Kenya Market-led Aquaculture Programme (KMAP).

PDF - 822kb

Enhancing market systems for improved sustainable livelihoods

A summary of the two-year project ‘Enhancing market systems for improved sustainable livelihoods’. The project contributed to food and nutrition security by developing a market system that works for the poor.
By strengthening the market system, developing appropriate financial service products and improving coordination between market actors, farmers were helped to increase their production and productivity. 


PDF - 1117kb

The Desert Locust

In response to the worst desert locust invasion to hit eastern Africa in decades, Farm Africa has produced a one-page briefing sheet giving information on the lifespan, threat to food security and control measures for those facing infestations of The Desert Locust (Schistocerca gregaria Forskal).

PDF - 139kb

Virunga National Park Coffees

Farm Africa is working with the Virunga National Park to unleash the potential of two coffee cooperatives and boost the livelihoods of over 7,000 coffee farming families living on the border of Virunga National Park, reducing pressure on the park’s resources and lifting people out of poverty. 

PDF - 3579kb

Kenya Market-led Aquaculture Programme (KMAP) Guide to Profitable Fish Farming 2019

This 16-page guide shares lessons from Farm Africa's Kenya Market-led Aquaculture Programme, funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kenya, which worked across the fish value chain in 14 counties in Kenya. The project aimed to increase productivity, strengthen market systems and make the policy environment conducive so that farmers can turn their ponds into thriving businesses. 

PDF - 7827kb

Growth for the future: Climate resilience stories

Ethiopian farmers are amongst those most vulnerable to global warming. Farm Africa is supporting farmers living in southern Ethiopia to build resilience to weather extremes and thrive in a changing climate. This collection of case studies highlight the importance of issues such as access to finance, climate-smart agriculture, high quality inputs, a business approach to farming and community engagement to building climate resilience in rural Ethiopia.

PDF - 8495kb

Producing and marketing forest products: success stories

Poverty drives deforestation in Ethiopia's Benishangul Gumuz Region. Farm Africa is supporting forest users to sustainably profit from forests' resources. This publication presents stories that look at how people and forests can thrive together.

PDF - 1653kb

Annual Report 2018

Farm Africa Annual Review and Consolidated Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2018.

PDF - 5826kb

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