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The Seed Production Strategy For The North East Chilli Producers Association (NECPA)

Farm Africa and the North East Chilli Producers Association (NECPA) are implementing a three-year programme, running from August 2018 to September 2021. The project will create a more competitive and profitable chilli value chain in Lira, northern Uganda, to capitalise on growing international demand for varieties of Ugandan African bird’s eye (ABE) dried chillies.This booklet explains the project's Seed Production Strategy. 

PDF - 4505kb

Farm Africa Live webinar: From Covid-19 and locusts to greener pastures

Farm Africa CEO Dan Collison hosts a 45-minute webinar with Farm Africa's Kenya Programmes Manager Mary Nyale and Agriculture Manager Anastasia Mbatia discussing the impact of COVID-19 and the desert locust invasion on Farm Africa's programmes across eastern Africa.


Regenerative Agriculture Factsheet

Project factsheet on Farm Africa's reformative agricultural practices in the Embu County, Kenya.

PDF - 2655kb

Meron Yomcwiny discusses Livestock for Livelihoods

Meron Yomcwiny manages Farm Africa's Livestock for Livelihoods goat rearing project in Karamoja, Uganda. She discusses how the project empowers pastoralist women to increase their incomes and improve their families' nutrition, and how the project has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Farm Africa Annual Review 2019

Welcome to Farm Africa's Annual Review, a look at some of our 2019 highlights. This report focuses on four of our current projects including horticulture and cashew production in Kenya, and empowering women to fight climate change in Ethiopia; each of these case studies offers examples of the many ways we are helping transform lives across eastern Africa.

PDF - 2874kb

Annual Report 2019

Farm Africa Annual Review and Consolidated Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2019.

PDF - 746kb

Terms of Reference For Midterm Evaluation

Terms of Reference For Midterm Evaluation - Commercialising Chilli Production project. 

Word - 404kb

A message from Dan Collison

Farm Africa CEO Dan Collison describes how the coronavirus pandemic, climate change and the locust invasion are causing unprecedented challenges for farmers in eastern Africa. Farm Africa’s work is more important than ever for the communities we support. If you can, please donate today to ensure Farm Africa can continue its life-changing work


Trainer's guide for Production, Harvest, Post-Harvest Handling and Value Addition for Moringa in Tanzania

This guide provides technical knowledge of farming, processing and marketing of Moringa olifera.

PDF - 571kb

Youth-Led Development of Tanzania's Moringa Value Chain Project in Iringa and Mbeya regions

Mapping and assessment report of the Moringa value chain in Tanzania. 

PDF - 1119kb

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