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INGOs and the private sector - a marriage made in heaven or hell?

11 April 2016

INGOs and the private sector - a marriage made in heaven or hell?

Farm Africa, an international non-governmental organisation (INGO) works to reduce poverty permanently in East Africa by unleashing the ability of smallholder farmers to grow their income, manage their resources sustainably, and become more resilient to climate change. Farm Africa operates at the crossroads between community, private sector and government to find the most effective ways for subsistence farmers to increase food production, gain expertise and access markets.

This seminar will discuss Farm Africa's experience of private-sector engagement, asking why private/charity partnerships are crucial for rural development whilst exploring some of the risks.

Geoffrey Nyamota is Head of Market Engagement at Farm Africa. He is an expert in managing public and private sector partnerships in relation to smallholder farmers and specialises in making markets work for the poor.


Dr. Yvan Biot is Director of Research and Development at Farm Africa and is responsible for ensuring the organisation has the right technical people with the right skills, and for developing partnerships with innovators and academics. Yvan has a PhD in Development Studies from UEA and previously taught at the university.

Farm Africa assists smallholder farmers and forest communities in East Africa by applying a practical approach to development. We provided inputs, tools, and expertise enabling farmers to double or triple their yields, and help them to become more resilient to the effects of climate change. We also assist farmers to access agricultural value chains and markets so they can increase their income and build sustainable businesses. We have a team of more than 170 staff working directly with over 1.5m people each year. With farmers passing on their new-found knowledge, climate smart seeds and livestock offspring to others, this ripple effect means we aim to indirectly reach 15m people annually.

For more information please visit or follow us on Twitter or Facebook. For enquires please contact Tara Carey on T. 020 7841 5156, E.