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Visionary major gifts ensure we can deliver support where it is needed most.


We work with major gifts from every type of philanthropic donor, whose visionary ‘no strings’ philanthropy ensures that we deliver support to where it is needed most, and see the results of these incredible investments fast - for everyone who seeks to do good today, for impact now. 
Our data-driven impact, award-winning approach and proven project delivery, nurture a deep connection to our work with funders and have earned us a reputation as a significant and trusted partner of many individuals and global organisations including the World Food Programme, Waitrose Foundation, Foreign & Commonwealth Development Office, Gates Foundation, and NORAD, to name just a few.

Breaking the cycle of poverty

Following the death of her husband, Aster's money ran out. Her livestock was either sold, or died, leaving her with no means to earn a living. Aster's five children dropped out of school and she had no choice but to send them to other families in order to eat. She could not get a loan to improve her situation and could not see a way out.

Through Farm Africa’s Food Security programme, funded by UK aid from the UK Government and Irish Aid, in Tigray in Ethiopia, Aster was given three goats as part of the goat rearing project. These goats became a large herd and she was able to earn a living, growing crops to eat like barley, wheat, maize and beans. She has since been able to give three goats to another woman in the community. Aster is now able to support her children, with enough money for food, clothing and school fees.

Aster’s story is just one of thousands whose lives have been transformed through the Farm Africa Food Security project in Tigray. For less than £850,000, this project directly benefitted over 12,525 women and young people, living in poverty in rural areas – that is less than £70 per person.

Aster was able to give the same life-changing opportunity to another woman, who in turn has been able to do the same for another woman, transforming lives and outcomes beyond just the original project participants and the impact of the project continues to be felt.

Farm Africa works with communities, partners and stakeholders to design, implement and manage thousands of life changing initiatives.

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Farm Africa is especially important because it supports locally relevant and scalable demonstrations of what works. Farm Africa is helping to solve rural poverty in Africa.

Kofi Annan, Chairman, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa

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