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Food Security

The 2023 theme for World Food Day is the importance of water. At Farm Africa we don’t just want farmers to provide food for their families today. We want to make sure that families have nutritionally balanced diets, that farmers have steady incomes to provide for tomorrow’s meals, and that natural resources are available for generations to come.

As we mark World Food Day, we confront the harsh reality that water scarcity exacerbates food insecurity. It's a stark reminder that this invaluable resource, which sustains our bodies and cultivates our crops, is not limitless.

At Farm Africa, we work tirelessly to empower smallholder farmers to adapt and thrive in these challenging conditions. By championing sustainable agriculture practices, we're helping to boost food security and supporting farmers to grow and sell more food while protecting the environment for generations to come. Together, let's take decisive action for water, for food, and for the resilient communities of eastern Africa.

Agriculture employs 65% of the labour force in Africa and accounts for 32% GDP. Farm Africa believes that smallholder farming needs to be developed for rural Africa to prosper. We work directly with farmers, helping them access the infrastructures, innovations and incomes they need:

We’re helping Africa’s farmers feed Africa’s people. Join us this World Food Day and help boost food production and climate-resilience across the region.

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