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Last November, Maritha lost everything.

Unexpected heavy rain flooded her home and devastated her farm in Tharaka Nithi, Kenya. The impact of the flood was a huge shock for her; not only did her toilet sink into the ground, but her and her son’s beds were soaked and their possessions ruined — while her newly planted crops were washed away, along with her sense of security.

Maritha's story echoes the struggles of countless farmers and their families across Kenya, as they face the escalating consequences of climate change. 

But we can help farmers grow better futures through regenerative agriculture.

Through Farm Africa, Maritha and farmers like her are mastering practical techniques like integrating trees into farming, selecting resilient seeds, mulching to retain soil moisture, composting for soil enrichment, and rotating crops to prevent pests.

And, crucially, selected farmers are trained to become Community Champions, spreading valuable knowledge and expertise throughout their communities.

Here are our three steps to growing a better future:


“I connect my farmers with companies who sell seeds and other farming products, and to buyers. The more farmers we have working together, the easier it is to find buyers for our products.”

- Lucia, a farmer and Community Champion


“Regenerative agriculture helped me to stop worrying about the rain... So now, after two years, I am very very happy with Farm Africa! I’ve seen the results!”

- Charles, a farmer and Community Champion


“I love being a Community Champion! I want all the farmers I support to succeed in their farming. Nothing would make me happier.”

- David, a farmer and Community Champion

With your support we can make sure that more farmers like Maritha, who are struggling to get by, are able to grow a better future and face the challenges of tomorrow.


In the face of the climate crisis, with unpredictable weather wreaking havoc on eastern Africa, Community Champions emerge as pillars of hope and innovation.

Equipped with practical knowledge of regenerative agriculture, they are turning the tide – teaching farmers how to protect their land and grow a better future in an uncertain world. 

“If you have knowledge, you’re a millionaire”

Lucia’s journey with Farm Africa began in 2022, sparking a transformation that extends beyond her farm’s boundaries.

"My life in the past was difficult. Since I started working with Farm Africa I have changed the way I farm. Before, I didn’t know about inter-cropping, planting in rows or seed selection. Everything I have learnt has improved my farming."

“With regenerative agriculture, you can get a harvest, even when the rains are short.”

Meet Lucia’s son, Titus. "My mum has educated me through farming. She used to bring maize and mung beans to my school to cover my costs. Through that, I saw that agriculture is the baseline for every human being.

Now I travel around the area recruiting farmers to join the agroforestry work. I believe you can always learn from each other."

“I want to become a super Community Champion!”

Having transformed his own farm by using the regenerative agriculture techniques he learnt from Farm Africa, David is now dedicated to helping as many farmers as possible in his community to do the same.

“I currently work with 150 farmers, but I am trying to recruit more, up to 300 farmers! It would make me even happier if more farmers used regenerative agriculture techniques so they can succeed in their farming too."

You can watch Lucia in action below:

Your support allows us to run projects like the Regenerative Agriculture project, funded by the IKEA foundation through AGRA.
Photo credits: © Farm Africa / Arete

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