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From the Field

Read inspiring stories about some of the people we are working with and updates about our work.

Highlights from the current issue:

Spring 2019

            • Reaching more farmers, in more countries! 
            • Thriving fishponds, thriving communities
            • Staff spotlight

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Autumn 2018

            • Growing, selling and thriving in Tanzania
            • Ethiopia builds resilience the Smart way
            • Kenya grows incomes from the group up

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Spring 2018

            • Showcasing the potential of Kenya's farmed fish
            • Incense: Ethiopia's game changer
            • Meet the beekeepers of Tanzania's Nou Forest

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Autumn 2017

            • Giving credit to forest-friendly farmers
            • Fish farming in Kenya
            • Sesame appeal update

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Spring 2017

            • Meet Kenya's new generation of farmers
            • Cross-border sales: new markets for success
            • Goat farming: transforming lives in Ethiopia

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Autumn 2016

            • Planting the seeds of change in Kenya
            • Oyster mushrooms: a Tanzanian pearl
            • Climate-smart farming in Ethiopia

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 Spring 2016

            • Caring for chickens in Kenya
            • Coffee production in Ethiopia
            • Sesame growing in Tanzania

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Autumn 2015

            • Turning livestock into a thriving business
            • Raffia weaving as a sustainable source of income
            • Bumper harvests transform lives in Kenya

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 Spring 2015

            • Mushrooming success in Tanzania's Nou forest
            • How soybeans are creating sustainable incomes
            • Moving from paltry profits to poultry profits in Kenya

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Autumn 2014 From the Field front cover

            • How chillies are changing lives in Kenya
            • Storing success in Uganda
            • Saving precious time in Ethiopia

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 Spring 2014From the Field Spring 2014

            • Making money from mangoes in Kenya
            • Overpowering pests in Tanzania
            • Great news from Ethiopia's newest goat farmers

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