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Staff Spotlight: Introducing Anastasia Mbatia

After 17 years of working as a horticulture and business development expert in the private sector, Anastasia Mbatia joined Farm Africa in 2018 as Technical Manager of Agriculture. Based in Kenya, she provides invaluable expertise across all of the countries that Farm Africa works in. 

Why did you choose Farm Africa?

One of the reasons was its size. It’s not one of those mega NGOs but at Farm Africa, you can find experts; we’ve been known for some time as the go-to NGO in eastern Africa because of this. I wanted to join this team of experts that find solutions to problems. 

What does your typical day look like?

My day usually starts with answering lots of questions! I get requests coming in from all of the different projects. At the beginning of every day, I will also look out for potential agricultural threats in each country and, if I find any, I will notify people in that country to be alert. I’ll also work on long-term projects such as writing training materials. I juggle many different balls! 

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The diversity of the projects and the teams I work with are things I love about my job. Today I’ll be talking about ginger, but tomorrow you’ll find I’m talking about sunflowers or cashew nuts. The teams are also very different and I enjoy learning about new cultures. I feel I’m a part of every success at Farm Africa, and - when I go to farms and see the beaming smiles on women’s faces, on men’s faces and I see healthy children - it makes me sleep better at night!

If you could share a message with Farm Africa supporters, what would it be?

I am talking from the heart when I say thank you so much. Your giving really transforms the lives of the families we work with. Your donations have a long-lasting impact, enabling communities to not be dependent on help all their lives; you start them on a path that is bright. 

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