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Pineapple farmers double profits in Tanzania

05 February 2013

Pineapple farmers double profits in Tanzania

Women pineapple farmers in Tanzania have seen their profits almost double after starting working with Farm Africa.

Twenty-five farmers groups have been set up, with 375 women farmers receiving training in pineapple production and marketing. Their hard work in getting themselves organised is paying off, as some of the farmers have already been linked to a buyer of their pineapple produce. And a Dar es Salaam-based fresh pineapple processor has given a commitment to buy 200 tonnes of pineapples, with the first instalment paid for.

The women used to sell their pineapples at the farm for 100 Tanzanian shillings (TSH) per kilo. But now they have been linked up to more profitable markets in Dar es Salaam, they are able to sell their pineapples for 210 TSHs per kilo. Even after they have paid the transport costs for getting the produce to market, the women have still seen their profits almost double.

New skills

We’ve also identified sites for three farmer field schools. These will play an important role in demonstrating to women farmers a whole range of skills that they can take back to their own farms and use to maximise their pineapple production.

These farmer field schools will train 11 of the farmers’ groups already established and we have plans to develop a further three sites for training groups very soon, so the project has got off to a good start.

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