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Food execs take on the Mahale Mountains in Tanzania for Farm Africa

04 September 2023

Food execs take on the Mahale Mountains in Tanzania for Farm Africa

On 16 September, Team Mahale, a team of food and farming specialists, is embarking on the Mahale Mountains Challenge, a trek in Tanzania. Their goal? To raise funds for Farm Africa.

Team Mahale includes industry leaders such as Sainsbury’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Given, Aldi’s Managing Director of Buying, Jonathan Neale, The Grocer’s Editor, Adam Leyland, and the National Farmers Union’s, Director of Business and Strategy, Nick von Westenholz.

Jonathan Neale commented: “This is a fantastic opportunity to raise vital funds needed to support local agriculture and farm workers in this part of the world. Farm Africa work tirelessly to reduce poverty by helping farmers to grow more and increase sustainability.”

Today, more than half of the world’s extreme poor live in sub-Saharan Africa. The vast majority work in agriculture. Farm Africa works in DR Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to increase food security and incomes by giving rural communities tools and training to protect the environment and develop sustainable farming businesses.

To raise awareness of and funds for Farm Africa’s work, Team Mahale will venture into the remote and protected forest within the Mahale Mountains National Park in western Tanzania. With the help of local guides, Team Mahale will navigate the rough and hot terrain, camping along the way and completing the challenging 80km route in six days.

They will end the trip by meeting local people who have benefitted from Farm Africa’s support to find out more about the charity’s impact first-hand.

To support Team Mahale’s challenge and donate to Farm Africa please visit

Anissa Msallem, Head of Partnerships for Farm Africa, says, "Farmers across eastern Africa continue to face unprecedented challenges. Conflict and climate change threaten to push farming communities further into poverty. Eastern Africa is experiencing the worst drought in at least 40 years, decimating lives and livelihoods. By raising funds for Farm Africa, Team Mahale will help transform the lives of farmers in eastern Africa and we’re very grateful for their support."

There will be a daily blog following Team Mahale’s progress, which you can read on Farm Africa’s website, starting on Sunday 17 September.

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