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Farm Africa Live

Farm Africa Live is a webinar series that aims to share the impact and progress of our project work that helps transform the lives of farmers in eastern Africa.

Women’s Empowerment through Agricultural Entrepreneurship in sub-Saharan Africa

Webinar: Women's Empowerment through Agricultural Entrepreneurship in sub-Saharan Africa

 More than 60% of the women in sub-Saharan Africa work in agriculture, yet, many of these women do not have access to land and face challenges that undermine their economic rights and entrepreneurship opportunities.

This webinar was brought to you by Farm Africa and Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. Our expert panel of speakers explored the state of entrepreneurship for women working in agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa and drew on Farm Africa’s work with women smallholder farmers in Tanzania and Cherie Blair Foundation for Women’s work empowering women to start, grow and sustain successful businesses. 

Host and Moderator: Laketch Mikael, Farm Africa trustee.

Lilian Mwamdanga - Programme Specialist and Head of Women’s Economic Empowerment, UN Women Tanzania.
Sian Hawkins - Director of External Affairs, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women.
Beatrice Merian Muliahela - Tanzania Programmes Manager, Farm Africa.
Ejiro Jakpa - CEO and founder of Nicnax Enterprises, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women programme participant.

Coffee is life

Farm Africa NFU Coffee is Life webinar 1 December 2020

Host: Will Evans, Rock and Roll Farming podcast
Panellists: Minette Batters, NFU President
Stuart Roberts, NFU Deputy President
Adam Bedford, NFU North East Regional Director
Rachel Hallos, NFU North East Regional Chair
Grace Arineitwe, Chair, Kayonza coffee cooperative
Hildah Turyamusiima, Treasurer, Banyakinkizi coffee cooperative
Patience Ninsiima, Treasurer, Rugyeyo organic coffee cooperative

Panellists Grace Arineitwe, Hildah Turyamusiima and Patience Ninsiima are Ugandan farmers taking part in Farm Africa’s coffee project in Kanungu, which is funded by matched funding from the UK government for Farm Africa’s 2019 Coffee is Life UK Aid Match appeal.

The webinar’s host Will Evans, and panellists Minette Batters, Stuart Roberts, Adam Bedford and Rachel Hallos are British farmers who raised funds for the appeal. The webinar explored the common challenges and opportunities faced by farmers worldwide, as well as focused on the barriers holding back women from thriving in the Ugandan coffee sector and heard updates on the progress of Farm Africa’s work helping female coffee farmers to thrive.

From Covid-19 and locusts to greener pastures

It’s been a challenging year for Farm Africa, but our support for farmers in eastern Africa hasn’t stopped – we’ve learnt so much over the last few months and we must now look ahead to greener pastures.

Our panel explored the challenges Farm Africa has faced and the impact that Covid-19 and the desert locust invasion have had on our programmatic work. Our panel discussed the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on horticulture farmers and rural households in Trans Nzoia county in western Kenya and talked about the devastating impact that the locust invasion has had on the Horn of Africa and what that could mean for farmers now and in the future. The panel also took questions from the audience.

Goat Power

Farm Africa is unlocking the power of goats to transform the lives of pastoralist women and their families living in the drylands of South Omo in Ethiopia and Karamoja in Uganda.

We heard Farm Africa experts, Yasmin Abdulwassie, Meron Yomcwiny and Dr Emmanuel Egaru, discuss how Farm Africa's Livestock for Livelihoods project, supports pastoralist women in Karamoja, Uganda and South Omo, Ethiopia to rear goats, increase their incomes and improve their families' nutrition.