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Superfood Challenge

Sweet potatoes can help children do super things! Sweet potatoes can help children do super things!

Superfood Challenge logoWe think sweet potatoes are super! So we’ve created a whole challenge around the sweet potato to help your pupils harness its super powers. Will your pupils take on the Superfood Challenge and raise money to help children in Africa be super too?

The challenge is simple. All you need to do is choose three activities that will challenge your pupils to EAT, THINK and DO super things. Pupils are sponsored to complete all three activities in a certain timeframe. When they have done all three activities, they have completed the Superfood Challenge. We would recommend running your Superfood Challenge over the course of a week.

Why are sweet potatoes so super? You’ve probably heard the term ‘superfood’ – things we should eat to help keep us healthy. Our superfood is the orange-fleshed sweet potato. This humble potato has the power to lift whole communities out of poverty. Now that’s a real superpower!

Check out our challenge ideas that you can choose from, or come up with your own. Maybe your pupils will have some suggestions too?

You can also download our teaching resources to help your students learn more about food, farming, and Africa. 

Don’t forget to tell us about your fundraising plans so we can offer you help and advice. If you send us photos of your super fundraising, you might even see your school appear in our fundraisers hall of fame.

If you have any further questions about fundraising for Farm Africa, or to order your EAT, THINK and DO stickers, please get in touch on or 020 7430 0440.