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Help Peter and Mary's crops - and their children - flourish

Please support our work in Africa Please support our work in Africa

Please give a gift today so we can reach more farmers struggling with problems of drought. 

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You can wake up and look at the sky, see the dark clouds but still the rains do not come.

Peter, farmer in Kitui, Kenya


Despite the many challenges we face, this is where we are born, we have grown up here and this is our land so we want to remain here. We hope Farm Africa can help us.

Peter, farmer in Kitui, Kenya



Help them provide for their children Help them provide for their children

Peter and Mary are no different from parents all over the world. They want to feed their children, help them develop, and make sure they get a good education.

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Life in Kitui, Kenya

Peter and Mary rely on farming to provide for their family. However, living in the arid region of Kitui in Kenya, erratic and unpredictable rains leave them in a state of perpetual uncertainty. 

Peter and Mary, like so many other farmers in Kitui, do not harvest enough food to feed their children, let alone earn an income at market. Their future hangs in the balance. 

Mary says: ''When my children sleep without taking a meal they cannot go to school because they don’t have the energy. Other times we lack the school costs so they are sent home.''

How can you help Peter and Mary grow more food to eat and sell?

With your support we can help farmers like Peter and Mary learn water conservation techniques, so they have the best chance of a good harvest in very dry conditions.

You could help farmers learn water conservation techniques such as:

Your generosity could also help establish Farmers' Groups in the area, so that members can access high-quality seeds for drought-tolerant crops, and work together to sell their harvests in bulk for a higher price.

''We have hopes that through Farm Africa we will be able to get quality seeds and also that they will link us to the market so we are not exploited by middle men.'' Mary

Please donate today and help us reach more farmers in Kitui and across eastern Africa. Then they – and their children – will be on the path to a brighter future