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Many farmers in northern Tanzania struggle to harvest enough crops to support their families. Some are surviving on 2,800 shillings a day - less than £1.

Please make a donation today that could help farmers access life-changing training. 

In northern Tanzania, unpredictable rainfall, droughts and outbreaks of pests and plant diseases make farming extremely difficult. Farmers often don’t have access to high-quality seeds to plant, and aren’t aware of the best agricultural techniques. This means that their harvests can be small – or even fail completely. 

Farmers like Clara (pictured), were struggling to provide for their families: "Sometimes we would have to sell all of our crops, so we would have nothing to eat ourselves.” 

But when Clara joined Farm Africa's Sesame Project, she gained skills that helped her change her life.

A little seed can go a long way

Farm Africa chose to focus on growing sesame as it is drought tolerant, unlike maize and many of the other traditional crops grown in northern Tanzania. 

The Sesame Project is not only helping farmers learn the best ways to plant and harvest their sesame, but also how to sell it for the best possible price

In the time it takes for a sesame seed to grow it really is possible to train farmers in all the skills they need to become successful entrepreneurs. However, Farm Africa’s work is only possible with your support.

Donate today and help more farmers thrive.

Our impact: five steps that help farmers thrive


Farm Africa provides training in sesame production – including the importance of using high-quality seeds and agricultural techniques such as land preparation, spacing, and how to intercrop peas with sesame. 



Farmers also learn how best to harvest their sesame and how to sort, clean, dry and package it for sale.

Adding value

We help farmers learn how to turn sesame into products such as snacks and flour, that can sell for higher prices than selling the seeds alone.

Assessing the wider market

Farm Africa helps farmers store their harvests together to sell in bulk. We also link them to large-scale buyers who will pay a fair price for their sesame seeds.

Passing on knowledge

Successful farmers are selected to become ‘Community Entrepreneurs’ who provide training for other farmers and help them sell their sesame for a good price.





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