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A small chilli seed can go a long way. Your support can help it go even further.

£20 £20

Could provide high-quality seeds to four farmers.


£52 £52

Could help deliver specialised training to four farmers.


£80 £80

Could provide one farmer with a solar drying rack.


Photos: Farm Africa / Jjumba Martin

In Lira, northern Uganda, too many farmers are struggling to afford basic necessities like food, healthcare and even a safe home for their children. Poverty here is widespread and earning a decent living through farming is extremely hard, as people lack good seeds, tools, and resources.

For many families just being able to feed their children is a daily struggle. Trying to pay for their schooling is almost impossible. Children often have to drop out of education very early, sometimes even before they finish primary school.

But change is around the corner, and it could start with a small seed.

A donation from you could help provide farmers with high-quality chilli seeds, which can grow into profitable businesses, creating brighter futures for entire families.

Please donate today.

Farmers in Lira have been growing chillies for many years, a variety called African bird’s eye. However, a decline in the quality of available seeds has driven down the quality of chillies being produced and with it the price and interest from buyers.

Yet, the global chilli market is actually thriving! From every corner of the world, the demand for African bird’s eye chillies has gone through the roof.

With your support, Farm Africa’s Chilli project will help 3,000 farmers improve the quality of their chillies so they can sell their produce at a much higher price, earn a decent income, and create a better future for their families.


1. Seeds

To grow chillies that can be sold at a good price in international markets, it’s crucial to have high-quality seeds. With your support, we can ensure farmers have access to African bird’s eye chilli seeds which are more tolerant to pests and drought than other varieties, and are highly sought by buyers.

Farmers will also be encouraged to multiply their seeds and make them available in the local market, for other farmers to purchase.

2. Knowledge

You can help provide 3,000 farmers with training in improved soil and water management, in how to produce chilli organically, and how to meet the high standards of international markets. This way, they can grow high-quality chillies which will sell for higher prices, and earn enough to support their families and pay for school fees.

3. Processing

Through the Chilli project, farmers will also learn how to use a solar chilli drying rack, like the one pictured, which helps to speed up the drying process and ensures that the chillies do not become contaminated.