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Ethiopia Crisis: protecting futures in times of emergency

Farmers in Ethiopia are facing extreme drought for a fourth consecutive season. They are at risk of losing everything. Will you help us protect their futures?

This is one crisis that has not been making the headlines in a year of global turmoil. The Horn of Africa has been facing the worst drought in over 40 years. Every day, vulnerable families who rely on their land to survive are losing crops and livestock. Malnutrition in children has now reached alarming levels. It is incredibly worrying and Ethiopian farmers have been among the hardest hit. Over the past few years, many communities have had to look on in despair as vital water sources dried up.

Farm Africa is no stranger to drought. With almost 40 years of experience our teams are on the ground and ready to help farmers grow sustainable businesses that can survive a crisis.

Please, could you donate so that we can continue to support farmers in times of hardship?

Your support could help us to deliver our transformative work:

£28 could help more farmers access drought-tolerant seeds that can withstand extreme weather conditions, as well as providing fertilisers and irrigation systems which will allow crops to flourish. It could also help us teach farmers about crop diversification and how to choose the best crops to grow and sell.

£50 could be used to deliver training in processing and storage techniques, enabling farmers to prolong the shelf-life of their produce. These new skills can help to ensure farmers have enough food for their families to eat and a surplus to sell, even during dry seasons.

£130 could support farmers to set up savings and loans associations, so that they can still afford to buy food and pay for school fees in any eventuality. Having savings also means that farmers can invest in the seeds and fertilisers they need to grow a healthy harvest the following year.


Whether they grow carrots, corn or green beans, your ongoing support could help farmers to build resilient businesses that can support their families’ futures. So that, even if the rains fail, their businesses won’t.

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